Camps, Clinics and Coaching for every kind of pitcher

No two pitchers are alike. That’s why we offer various opportunities for athletes to learn, enhance their skills and move to the next level that’s right for them.

Camps, Clinics & More

Throughout the year we offer NPA Super Camps (weekend camps led by NPA Founder Tom House), S.T.A.T. Training Clinics, Individual Instruction Programs and during the summer, daily group training sessions. Descriptions of all camps, clinics and lessons are below.

Group Training

We offer training in small groups – max size 20 athletes – throughout the year. Most of our programs last six weeks, but the duration depends on the specific focus of the training. The training, coaching, instruction and advice that the best MLB pitchers and NFL quarterbacks use is now available to you. We’ll teach you how to safely increase speed, improve accuracy and stay healthy.

Check our Schedule for upcoming events and clinics. 

Conditioning and Skill Workout | 6 Weeks


  • Sept. 26 – Nov. 5, 2017 | Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays
  • Location: Healdsburg Elementary School, Miller Field
  • Cost: $360

We will be conducting a 6-week clinic that focuses on arm health, joint stability and mobility, arm strength, muscle balance between accelerators and decelerators, and patterning of key movements in the throwing motion. This training, based on over 30 years of scientific research, is almost never taught, coached or practiced in organized baseball programs yet it is critical to avoiding injury and improving velocity.


  • Class is limited to 20 athletes
  • Starts September 26th, runs 6 weeks, 3 times per week
  • Taught by certified NPA coaches
  • Four blocks of drills are same as those used with our MLB clients and NFL Quarterbacks
Group Neuro Facilitation | 6 Weeks

Group Neuro Facilitation

Cost: $360

In this 6-week clinic, we will focus on training that teaches muscle memory on the bio mechanics of throwing with focus on stability, mobility, flexibility and balance in the athlete’s motion. These drills are used by many professional athletes to stay “sharp” between games.

During the six weeks, you will:

  • Participate in cross specific drills for each critical movement in the throwing motion with sufficient repetitions to create muscle memory.
  • Learn how to convert kinetic energy to angular energy and torque, the source of 80% of velocity capacity.
  • Learn the balance and posture required to create your energy angle Learn how to find and maintain your unique arm slot critical to arm health
  • Acquire sufficient thrust and lift to attain the proper stride length with correct timing to optimize velocity
  • The small group format with limit of 20 athletes allows for high degree of individual attention and you learn faster and are more motivated as you watch others being coached.

By the end of the six-week session, you will:

  • Be throwing harder EASIER and more accurately Increase velocity by as much as 7 mph
  • Have a stronger and more stable shoulder complex Have the knowledge and muscle memory to perform the throwing movements correctly, in the right sequence and with correct timing to avoid injury and maintain arm health.
  • Acquire the skill to execute the drill repetitions necessary to achieve and maintain an efficient and healthy arm.
The Velocity Ball Program | 6 weeks

The Velocity Ball Program

Cost: $360

The velocity ball program was developed and refined through 30 years of research and testing. It is done in a group setting under the guidance of an NPA staff member. Using weighted balls and a unique workout regimen, this program leads to arm strength and speed increases done as safely as possible. It has transformed and saved many professional careers. Some of the best MLB and college-level pitchers use this program to increase velocity and stay injury-free.

During this 6-week program you will:

  • Perform both simulated and actual throws utilizing 6 different weighted balls into a net
  • The program is done from 3 different throwing positions which generate different ground forces-a total of 90 throws
  • Throws are done with maximum intensity and speed, leading to arm strength, better internal and external arm rotation, and greater stability of the shoulder 3 different block drills for arm health, recovery and stability are done each session.
  • Class size limited to 20 athletes to insure a high level of individual attention
  • A S.T.A.T Evaluation is a pre-requisite to enrollment in this clinic as each programs starting point must be customized to the functional strength and arm health of the athlete to avoid injury.

By the end of the six weeks, you will:

  • Nationally, athletes on average achieve a 5-7 mph gain in velocity
  • Improve arm strength, stability, and range of motion to avoid injury
Coaches Clinic | Learn the NPA Coaching | 1-Day

Coaches Clinic – Learn from NPA coaches 

This clinic can be done for an individual high school team or for individual Little League or other youth programs such as Babe Ruth or Travel Baseball. This intensive 1 day clinic begins with classroom discussion of the science behind the NPA protocols and an orientation to the bio kinetic sequence of the throwing motion. Field work follows, teaching arm care and recovery, core temp elevation, joint stability and integrity drills to promote functional strength and arm health. This is followed with patterning drills to train the body in the key movements of the throwing motion.

In the afternoon, we focus on the 9 critical steps in the bio kinetic sequence of throwing/pitching. We provide drills you can use to train athletes in these movements and how to correct.

During the clinic, you will;

  • Learn the science behind our protocols which dispels MANY of the conventional wisdom teaches currently in use
  • Learn the drills that will build functional strength, balance accelerator and decelerator muscle groups, improve arm speed, and find each of your athlete’s unique and natural arm slot.
  • Learn the drills that teach athletes to convert the kinetic energy of their legs into angular energy/torque in their upper body which is 80% of their velocity capacity.
  • Learn drills that achieve adequate lift and thrust and stride length and timing, all essential to throwing hard and safely.
  • Learn the key variables and drills that determine accuracy in the strike zone.

At the end of the day, you will;

  • Have acquired the knowledge of the only science-based, medical community-endorsed and IRB certified throwing protocol available
  • Have acquired a portfolio of drills and exercises that are identical to those used at the MLB and NFL professional level
  • Be able to incorporate these drills into your practices or teach to your athletes to perform at home that will accelerate their learning and performance while maintaining a healthy arm.
  • Understand the BIO KINETIC SEQUENCE of pitching, the 9 critical movements all elite athletes perform. This will allow you to discard opinions and conventional wisdom that are frequently doing harm and replace them with the best teachings science has to offer today.

NPA Camps and Clinics

Our most popular and sought-after training. Join a Super Camp or S.T.A.T. Camp led by NPANorcal coaches and NPA Founder Tom House. These three-day sessions are packed with information and drill work that will lead to tangible, measurable and lasting changes in your pitching.

These camps and clinics fill up very quickly, so register as soon as one is available!

NPA Super Camp with NPA Founder Tom House

NPA Super Camps with Tom House

Cost: $349

NPA NorCal Regional Director Greg Wilcox and NPA Founder Tom House lead these three-day pitching clinics for athletes and coaches who want to learn more about and experience the NPA’s unique training protocols. All athletes will learn skills that will enhance their overall arm health, efficiency, and velocity.

Every Super Camp starts with an in-depth presentation and discussion, coupled with extensive drill work to ensure that the athletes leave with a toolkit designed to enable them to become their own best coach and the best pitcher possible.

These Super Camps are usually held on weekends, from Friday to Sunday.

A typical Super Camp schedule is as follows:

  • Friday evening, 6 – 9 pm: Presentation and discussion led by Tom House.
  • Saturday & Sunday morning: On field instructions and drill work for 13 and Younger
  • Saturday & Sunday afternoon: On field instructions and drill work for 14 and Older
  • All day Saturday and Sunday: Coaches can audit instructions and drill work for both age groups

Cost: $349 per athlete, $150 per auditing coach

Check our schedule regularly for upcoming Super Camps. Spaces fill fast!

S.T.A.T. and Performance Clinics

S.T.A.T. And Performance Clinics

Cost: $349

Led by Regional Director Greg Wilcox and the NPA coaching staff, these clinics are scheduled in conjunction with communities, leagues or teams at their location.S.T.A.T clinics are designed to screen, test,assess and train each athlete for point in time velocity, for functional strength and weaknesses that are impacting velocity, for mechanical efficiency and to provide training protocols to correct weak points. Performance clinics focus on the bio mechanical sequence of pitching and include individual bullpen sessions with each athlete and teach drills for developing proper throwing mechanics.

Individual Training

If you can’t attend one of our programs or camps, we offer one-on-one training.

Contact Us directly to arrange a time for your session(s). When you contact us, please be specific about which training you want.

Individual Training Sessions

S.T.A.T. Evaluation $150.00

A S.T.A.T evaluation is designed to screen, test, and assess you for point in time velocity, for functional strength and weaknesses that are impacting velocity, and for mechanical efficiency. This is one of the most important ways for us to start working with you so that we can provide training protocols to correct weak points.

Individual Lessons $75.00 / 45 mins. Prerequisite: S.T.A.T. Evaluation. 

Customized to the individual athlete, all lessons involve arm care and joint integrity drills. Lessons can focus on velocity ball training or the bio mechanical movements in a throwing motion.

Twosome Lessons $60 / 45 mins

Same as above, for two athletes.

Video Analysis $250.00 Prerequisite: S.T.A.T. Evaluation

Send us a video of you pitching. We’ll return it with annotations, notes and advice. It’s the next best thing to working out with us in person.

Vector Analysis $150.00 Prerequisite: Video Analysis 

Building on the video analysis, this process measures misdirected movement of the head, torso, arms and legs in an athlete’s motion. For each movement, we calculate foot pounds of force lost and how to correct each incorrect movement to improve velocity.

Velocity Ball Program $100/lesson Prerequisite: S.T.A.T. Evaluation

Designed to strengthen the arm and improve arm speed on average 3mph-8mph.  Having invented this program, Dr. House emphasizes health first, velocity second.

Upcoming Events

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Video Analysis

Upload your video from a phone or a camera and we’ll return it within a few days with notes and annotations to help you improve your pitching. It’s the next best thing to working out with us in person. Contact us for details.

Get NPA Products

The NPA has developed products specifically for pitchers and other rotational athletes. Keep your NPA training going! All products include NPA protocols that will help you improve your skills and stay injury free.
Get the Velocity Kit, Velocity Bats, and more at our partner site, the NPA Central.

The NPA NorCal Coaches

Greg Wilcox

NorCal Regional Director

Greg Wilcox's Bio

Greg has been coaching baseball players, from Little League to High School, for over 35 years, and has been a certified NPA Coach for over two years. Greg has also been a Board Member of the MLB’s Baseball Assistance Team for over 22 years. He is a strong advocate for the NPA’s approach that is science based and certified by an institutional review board, something defendable to parents. The NPA’s protocols are often used by top MLB and NFL athletes, and therefore, good enough for younger, non-professional athletes. Greg feels that the NPA’s approach allows him to explain the “why” behind everything, not just the “what.” And he particularly likes the fact that as an NPA coach he can focus strongly on arm health, not just performance and outcome.

A native of Wisconsin, Greg was drafted out of high school by the Cincinnati Reds as a pro, but passed up the opportunity for a full scholarship to Northwestern University. He was then redrafted out of college to play A-Ball by Cincinnati.

Greg feels that pitching and throwing is the least taught and coached part of baseball, and thus, not understood by most. By coaching young pitchers, he feels that he is fulfilling a major need. He loves seeing kids improve immensely with just a little help, and he takes great satisfaction in seeing kids who couldn’t throw a a strike suddenly do so, and seeing their confidence soar.

Justin Herrguth

NPA NorCal Coach

Justin Herrguth Bio

Justin Herrguth is an Associate Director for the NPA in the Northern California region, and Head Coach of the Healdsburg High School baseball program in Healdsburg, Ca. Justin has been coaching the game of baseball in Northern California for 22 years, from the collegiate level and down. Beyond completing baseball program management courses at Western Kentucky University, Justin posses’ a Bachelors in Business Management as well a Masters in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix. Justin has also retained certification levels I, II, and III with the Positive Coaching Alliance, and completes annual certifications with National Federation of High School Coaches. A life-long learner with passions for teaching and baseball, it seems Justin is destined to coach the game well into the future. Justin’s goals are to make a significant impact in an innovative organization with a personal ethic and professionalism that gains positive results.

Playing experience:
Healdsburg High School – Earned All-League, All-Empire first teams.
Santa Rosa Junior College – Earned All-Conference and All-Northern California first teams.
Western Kentucky University – Earned athletic scholarship and All-Conference second team

Tom House

Tom House

(For Super Camps only)

Tom House Bio

Tom House is considered by many to be the “father of modern pitching mechanics.” He is the founder of The Rod Dedeaux Research and Baseball Institute (RDRBI) and The National Pitching Association (NPA). The RDRBI and NPA are renowned for their health and performance research and development involving three-dimensional analysis of human movement, physical preparation and training to support rotational athletes in movement, identifying the metabolic requirements of proper nutrition to fuel human activity, and mentoring athletes’ competition with mental/emotional management skills.

Tom pitched at the professional level from 1967 to 1979 for the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, and Seattle Mariners. He coached from 1980 to 1997 for the Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, and Chiba Lotte Marines (Japan), as well as in Latin America. On the amateur level, Tom is an information and instruction coordinator for numerous baseball academies across the United States and Canada. He directly accesses thousands of players, coaches, and parents per year in clinic settings and travels the world as an international consultant, performance analyst, and sports psychologist. He is also an advisor with the American Sports Medicine Institute, the Titleist Performance Institute, and he has given seminars for the American College of Sports Medicine.

Tom has also worked with NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Alex Smith, Carson Palmer, Matt Cassell, Terrelle Pryor as well as other collegiate-level football players.

Justin Herrguth Coaching
Greg with pitcher

Why the NPA approach works so well

NPA Sequence of Pitching Delivery Graphic

As NPA coaches we employ a science-based approach to pitching. We do not guarantee quick fixes or use the latest popular trends to make good pitchers great. Rather, we use methods that have been tried, researched, and proven over a long period of time to ensure pitcher health and effectiveness.

By utilizing 3D Motion Analysis on over 700 elite athletes, the NPA has identified and measured the Timing of a pitcher’s kinematic sequence for optimal health and performance. Timing is getting the total body:

  • To the right place
  • At the right time
  • In the right sequence of movements

When you workout with us – whether through a Super Camp, a specialized pitching clinic, or individual lessons – you’ll receive instruction that’s tailored to your specific needs, and you’ll also learn from other players in a small group setting.


If you're ready to become a better pitcher today, we're ready for you